Guitar Repair

Guitar Repair Issues:

Fist of all, you just bought your dream guitar. But you are unhappy with the way it plays. What went wrong? What are the issues? Because the guitar is hard to play, you are less likely to use it. The guitar will not tune up or stay in tune. As a result the guitar just doesn’t sound good. Why is my new guitar like this? The sales person said it was set up by the factory! Or should I be satisfied with the guitar? Does that mean I need to spend more money?

As a result you are in a bind. Do you listen to the up selling tactics? Or do you look for a way to make the guitar more playable? There are ways to correct these issues. Furthermore a setup will cause the guitar to play better. The guitar will tune better, and stay in tune longer. A properly set up guitar will consequently play and sound better and give you what you are paying for.

Maybe you have an old favorite guitar that needs repair. As a result of many years of use, guitars face neck breaks and fret issues. With over 50 years of experience, I can get your old friend back.

Guitar makers focus on making money. Because of this, tuning keys are often the first thing to go. Cheaper tuning keys can be a problem. In addition to not holding tune, cheap tuning keys can also break. Strap locks are pretty good insurance dropping your guitar. Properly installed, strap locks keep the strap from slipping off the strap button. This keeps you from feeling the fear of dropping your favorite guitar.

In conclusion there are issues with guitar out of the box. They do not play or sound like the ones you hear on the radio. I can help you this. Lets talk about getting your guitar to sound and play like your favorite musician.

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