Guitar Mods

You just replaced the pickups in your guitar. But the tone isn’t what you hoped for. But the guitarist you love uses those same pickup. So what is the issue? What is going on? Since most pro guitarist have their own mods, why not you! Whether you have after market or OEM, I can fix it. Three years into playing guitar, I found new voices. My guitar gave me new tone colors.

Presence, do you want you want to be known for the way you look or the way you sound. Sound being the focal point, presence is the tool. How do you get presence out of your guitar? Here at Boyden amps, TONE is the goal, and your guitar will stand out. I developed the sweet switch and stacked hummbucker, in the mid 60’s, 10 years before anyone else.

Frets work is part of the tone package. Well dressed frets are what keeps the guitars tone clear. Factory fret work is usually less than ideal. First, factories focus on getting guitars out the door. Quality and clarity are an after thought. Boyden focuses on you the player!

Just because the strings rattle or buzz does not mean the neck or frets are at fault. Opposing forces might be at play inside your guitar. Consequently string buzz can be caused by adjustments at either end of the guitar. Maybe it is time for you to see the doctor. Let’s get your guitar back to good health today!

I focus on creating rigs that work well together. Many repair men focus on amps or guitars, therefore I focus on making them match. Leo Fender viewed the guitar and amp as one. His vision is alive and well at Boyden amps. If you are having sound issues, guitar issues, or amp issues, lets talk!

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