Boyden Amps

Boyden Guitar Amplifiers:

First the elements ignite, consequently heat rises, while magic under glass begins. Hand wired, point to point ranging from 12 to 100 watts of pure expression, totally under the touch of the player’s hand. The Boyden all tube guitar amplifier brings many tones to life. Timbre: Webster defines this as the distinguishing characteristic between two notes of the same pitch and velocity. The timbre control is the constant “variable” added to the “low – mid – high” tone stack. Finally the bright switch completes the compliment to afford you, the player, with the broadest palate for presenting your personal signature.

Furthermore, the Boyden amplifier, like all tube amps, are fathered by the radio. However, the Boyden amplifier honors this heritage back to its very roots. There came a line a thinking to make the guitar amp as clean as audio file home stereo. I guess one could easily run past the point of what made a good guitar amp to begin with. Taking old concepts of design and tweaking them to bring out the heightened to the guitarist advantage prevails. Everything is critical to performance, from placement of the individual tubes to the routing of the hand drawn wiring. We at Boyden amplifier overlooks no detail.

Because of the attention to detail, the Boyden Amp offers a wide selection of tones. Giving the guitarist unlimited options. Tonal personality and long term durability are paramount in the construction of the Boyden amps. Lower state volumes are popular today. Achieving a full sound spectrum from clean to lead, the Boyden amp does it all without losing personality. The Boyden amplifiers eliminates the need to haul multiple amps to a gig or studio.

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