I have been fortune enough to work with some top notch musicians. I feel honored to have been able to work on the gear of many well respected players. Many of these players come from various different styles of music. First, Blues is a style than many players play. Many of these same players also use the blues tones in different areas of their own playing. Warren Haynes is a guitarist I build one of my Boyden amps for. When it comes to great blues tones, Warren is one of the best.

Big Daddy Weave is a very popular Christian music band. The band came out of Pensacola FL and the University of Mobile. Because Big Daddy Weave from this area, I really enjoyed getting to know them and working on their gear! it is really cool to see a good group of local guys rise to the top.

James & Bobby Purify were an R&B singing duo. I’m your puppet, their biggest hit, reaching number six in the billboard top 100 back in 1966. Because of their success, notoriety followed. James and Bobby had more top hits to come. Getting to work on their gear was a real treat!

Probably one of the most know guitar players in this time is Steve Howe. YES, that is right Steve Howe of the band. YES. It was really cool to get to work with the legend.

Another really big band in the 1990’s was Hootie and the Blow Fish. Mark William Bryan is a founding member, songwriter, and the lead guitarist for the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning band. one time while he was in Pensacola, he had some guitar issues he needed fix right then and there. Seems like shortly after I took his phone call, cab pulled up. Mark was in my garage and I was getting his guitar back in action.

A few other well noted guys I got the pleasure of working with are Gove Scrivenor, Bruce Hampton, and The Codetalkers. If you have any questions about my involvement with these artist, or if you want to become and artist on this page contact me! Let’s Talk!

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