Amplifier Mods

Guitar Amp Mods:

So you bought the same amp your guitar hero plays. Because you wanted to be like your favorite guitarist. But are you disappointing your sound is different, maybe lacking? Either you sell your amp and try a different option, or you make an adjustment? Since the 1960’s I have been repairing and modifying guitar amps. Fender, Marhsall, and Vox are among the most popular. What does this mean to you? It means the choice is yours. How you want to sound is up to you. I focus on Guitar amp mods and other guitar amplifier related issues.

Fender is known for its clean sound. This sound makes it a workhorse, useful for many style of music. But what is your preference? Do you want a more aggressive tone, or even more clarity? Especially relevant is how you use it. So if you have a Fender amp and want something more out of it. Lets Talk soon!

Marhall Amps are know for their aggressive tone. Therefore if this is your tone right on. If you want more aggression, presence, and a larger sound we can do that too.

Vox amps have a sound of their own. Furthermore the sound is springy clean with a sparkling high end.

Do you see how these amps all have a sound of their own. Your favorite artist is probably not playing a stock or off the shelf amp. Many artist have their own tweaks and preferences. So what about you? How do you want your amp to sound? These are all questions you need to answer. Do you have a sound you are chasing? Is there an artist you want to sound like? Perhaps you want to create your own tone. Your identity is really all you have. Make your statement bold and clear. Having your own style is what you want to create your identity, I can help, lets talk soon! You can also reach me on my facebook page here.

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