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My Approach

I have been working on guitars and amplifiers for well over 50 years.  I have committed myself to the craft of building amplifier and creating rigs that make the guitar and amp one unit. The second part of my approach is to ensure the player is one with his rig. This craft took a long time to develop, and is still evolving today. Part of this evolution is my commitment to being a life time learner. Let me put my experience to work for you today.

My Story

Born in old old Sibley Hospital in Washington DC, 1947,  I began my journey called life. Shortly there after i was introduced to the guitar. Once i started playing and understanding the guitar, my dad's creative influence started to take over. My dad, was part of NASA's program which put a man on the moon. Hired  by and working directly with Dr. Von Braun, my dad had a lot of technical experience to pass on. Taking my dads experience and aptitude, I applied it directly to guitars and amps. Fast-forwarding to today, I have over 50 years of experience. I have worked with some top notch musicians over the years (See artist page for details).

Meet the Team

I work along the trust help of my best friends, Lexi, Stella Blue, and Yeti. They work along side me to keep me company and ensure work gets done.

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Lexi and Stella Blue

Personal Assistants

They make sure i stay on track... Maybe not the track i want though!


Zilla and Kila

Public Relations

I think the picture says it all!

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Security in style!




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Let's Talk

If you have interested in talking me to about my services please click the contact me button and send me an email. I am also available via phone at 850-455-1604.

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